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Organize your Dice Masters collection using our storage and organization solution. It allows your dice to be on display, while being easily accessible for building your decks.

Print from Thingiverse

If you have your own 3D printer, you can download the patterns and print them yourself.

Shop at Etsy

You can buy directly from us, via Etsy. Stock is limited, and color selection is limited.

These are "stable" prototypes, and made in PLA (don't leave them in your car during summer!).

The cost of these is much lower than Shapeways, but take longer to ship (if in-stock) or print (if on-demand).

Shop at Shapeways

You can buy from Shapeways. Stock is unlimited (printed on-demand), and there is a good color selection.

These are using our latest designs, and made in stronger materials. The cost can be high though.

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